Indoor Range: Come join us on one of our 7 lanes. Shoot at distances up to 25 yards. You can shoot by the hour or join as a member and get unlimited range time for a year (There are some restrictions, but who doesn’t have them!) We have a great deal for our friends in the law enforcement and public safety community. We have targets, ammunition, eye and ear protection. We can offer individual coaching for an additional fee as well. Keep your skills “Built for Combat” with an Eagle 1 range visit. We have New LED lights and offer a Fresh Air Enviroment for your shooting experience.

Is it your Birthday or are you getting Married? Call us for special group pricing. We throw in free Full Auto Guns with group outings.

The range is available for agency firearms qualification. Firearms instructors can reserve the whole range for training. Private instructors can rent the range for private lessons and classes also. Give us a call for the details.

One Year Range Memberships: $275 Gold 1 Year Membership $350 Gold 1 Year Family Membership.  Why?  Priority Waiting (Gold goes to the top of the waiting list), Call in lane reservation, Unlimited lane visits. Free Target with each visit. Half Price on Gun Rentals. Want to bring a Non Member with you, its only $10 per person.  10 hours FREE on our Outdoor Range each year. Call us for details.

Purchase Range Membership Online: Click Here

The Firing Range will close at 6pm every  Wednesday to host the Eagle 1 Beginner Pistol Class.  If you made plans to come out and shoot during this time, join us for the match instead and join in the fun.

Print and fill out the indoor range paperwork before coming in and speed things up.  Eagle 1 Range Forms

***Outdoor Training Facility Now Open Every other Saturday ******rangemaster

Looking to air out your rifle,shotgun or AR. Eagle 1 offers our members to shoot every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at our outdoor training facility. There are limited slots so sign up quickly. You and your friends can shoot 2 hours and enjoy your guns in the outdoors. The cost is $45 per person for the 3 hours. This is the place your momma warned you about. Contact Eagle 1 today to reserve your spot.

Range Fees

    • Safety Test: $12
    • Lane Rental: $16/Hr
    • Shared Lane: $13/Hr
    • Shared Lane (Gold): $10/HrPistolRange
    • Shotgun Fee: $5
    • Ear Rental: $2
    • Eye Rental: $2
    • Add’l Target: $2.50 ea
    • Tuesday Ladies Day $7.00
    • Thursday Couples Day $ 14.00
    • Sunday Funday Everyone $10.00

Rental Guns: $10/h


  •  S&W M&P- 9mm
  • Glock 17 – .9mm
  • Glock 41 – .45 ACP
  • Springfield XDM- .9mm
  • Springfield XDM- .40
  • FNS-.9mm
  • MP5-.9mm
  • 1911-.45mm
  • SIG-Sauer -.380