Eagle 1 offers the NC Carry Concealed Handgun Course.

We offer Saturday classes.  You will learn all the laws and up to date material in a Friendly class setting. Please call us for details. This is a Must have class that gives you the fundamentals of the NC laws and structure of how to conduct yourself as a CCW holder. This class is 8 hours and includes shooting and interactive classroom time. It is held in our large conference room with a powerpoint presentation throughout the day. Class starts at 07:45 till 17:00. This class is taught by our Instructor Keith King. He has 20 plus years in Law Enforcement and will teach you principles that you need to know while you carry. The shooting portion is to ensure you are proficient enough with your desired firearm. We ask that you have 50 rounds of correct ammo for you pistol. If you feel you need work on your shooting please contact our staff prior to class for additional training.

ONLY $90

Due to limited seating, the $90 is nonrefundable.

2018 Classes Are Up and Ready for You!!!

January   6 or 27

February 17

March 10 or 31

April 21

May 12

June 2 or 23

July 14

August 4 or 25

September 22

October 13

November 3

December 1

Please note: Paying by phone, or in store? –  please bring your receipt with you for proof of payment.  Thank you.

Contact Us for questions at (919) 954-1032

Jan 2012 25

Introduction to Handgun Course –   CALL TO REGISTER (919) 954-1032

This is a basic course that is a starter into gun ownership. It is perfect for the person who doesn’t own a pistol, but wants to learn to shoot first then buy their own firearm.  It is also good for the new gun owner who has never had a class on  “how to” shoot.  And experience shooters can always get back to the basics again.  The class is taught at the new shooter level with no knowledge or little knowledge of guns.  You will need to bring a handgun and 50 rounds or if you don’t own a gun, we can rent a gun to you.  PLEASE CALL TO REGISTER.  Class time is 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Includes Classroom and Range time.

The Class consist of the following:

Basic Firearms Safety:  Rules of Firearms Safety

Firearm Nomenclature:   Parts of the Firearm and Basic Operation/Function

Basic Pistol Shooting Skills:  Loading and Unloading, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control and Range Time

Cost is $30 per person.  PLEASE CALL TO REGISTER. Classes are held every Wednesday at 5 pm. You can also reserve a different time and day if you would like to take this class.